How can a person plan to the Albert Hall Museum from East,West,North and South

Albert Hall Museum

How To Reach
From East:-
Lucknow-> Etawah-> Agra-> Dausa-> Jaipur-> Amer Fort , aproxi 575km
From West:-Barmer-> Balotra-> Jodhpur-> Nagaur-> Jaipur-> Amer Fort , aproxi 545km
From North;-Chandigarh-> Pehowa-> Charkhi Dadri-> Narnaul-> Manoharpur-> Jaipur-> Amer Fort , aproxi 480km
From South:-Mumbai-> Surat-> Udaipur-> Ajmer-> Jaipur-> Amer Fort , aproxi 1,164km
The museum built in the year 1876, lies within the Ram Niwas Garden, Jaipur, and the oldest one in the state of Rajasthan.

It was first envisaged as a concert hall, bearing a resemblance to Victorian architecture and Albert Hall Museum, London.

The museum boasts of a wide range of objet d’art collected from various parts of the world and displayed over 16 galleries. With sundown, Albert Hall Museum assumes a completely new look because the whole building glimmers with brilliant yellow lights, looking stunning and spectacular.

The museum is the epitome of the rich history and culture of India.

Bordered by verdant gardens, the museum is a sight to behold for travelers flocking to Jaipur from all over the world.

The museum galleries feature numerous works of art and antique items including marble art, antique coins, Egyptian mummy, carpets, and pottery.

Besides, you can also see varied paintings, portraits, woodwork, brassware, and sculptures on display.

The museum also houses some of the best fineries, especially ceremonial dresses, worn by the royal family members. The museum is a must-visit for history buffs. The Indo-Saracenic style domes and elaborately engraved arches built of sandstone are sure to leave you awestruck.

Albert Hall also features an aviary, a greenhouse, as well as a zoo to delight tourists

The building of Albert Hall Museum was built in 1876 as a concert hall. The museum gets its name from the Victoria and Albert Museum of London, because of the similarity of architecture. The foundation for the building started in 1876, when Prince of Wales visited Jaipur. When the building was constructed, the royals and government did not have any idea about usage of the building. It was initially used as Town Hall in 1880. Later, the King of Jaipur, Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh II suggested to use it as a museum for Industrial Arts. Later, the hall was used for displaying masterpieces of local artisans.

In 1881, the museum was at its prime beauty and people from across the country visited this museum to buy or enjoy handicrafts, artwork and other masterpieces. However, the building was under construction until 1887. Later, the museum started to showcase artifacts and ancient artworks along with budding artist’s masterpieces.

The building holds Indo-Saracenic architecture and exclusive stone ornamentation. The museum was famous for its architectural beauty since its inauguration. The corridors of the museum hold numerous mural paintings, Persian painting and others. The murals on display expresses ancient civilization and reigns like Green, Babylonian, Chinese and others.

Insteresting Fact about Albert Hall Musum

  1. The museum is also called the Government Central Museum and the oldest museum in Rajasthan. The museum was designed by Samuel Swinton Jacob, a British architect.
  2. It’s been christened after King Albert Edward VII. You can see the perfect mix of Indo-Saracenic architecture when visiting the museum.
  3. Initially, Albert Hall planned as a town hall but later, Madho Singh II designed it in the form of a museum. The museum is 133 years old.
  4. Rudyard Kipling, a British journalist, poet, and short-story writer was so astounded by the aura, historical significance, and architecture of Albert Hall that he wrote, “It is now a rebuke to all other museums in India from Calcutta downwards.”

Tourist Attractions near Albert Hall Museum –

  1. Hawa Mahal
  2. Amber Fort
  3. Jantar Mantar
  4. Nahargarh Fort
  5. Jal Mahal

Architecture. Featuring Indo-Saracenic architecture and stone ornamentation, Albert Hall Museum became an iconic structure soon after its completion. Also, it became a great source of reference for varied classical Indian styles of design and architecture which came from Mughal to Rajput eras.

Best Time To Visit
Rajasthan is hot during the summers and therefore the best time to visit the Albert Hall Museum is during the winter months, from November to February.

You will find the climate cool, enjoyable, and comfortable, which is ideal for exploring the other architectural wonders of Jaipur. Avoid summer because the heat is scorching and unbearable

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