Samod Balaji Temple

Samod balaji

The huge Veer Hanuman temple, built on top of a hill, 43 km away from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, which people come from far and wide to see the temple, is considered to be very famous in the world. Sant Shri Nagdas ji had come while touring from the Himalayas, along with his disciple Shri Laldas ji, this temple situated on the Samod mountain in village Nangal Bharda, Tehsil Chaumu is one of the most religious places of Rajasthan. This temple is famous not only in Rajasthan but all over India. This temple attracts huge crowd of devotees and visitors on Saturdays and Tuesdays. By climbing 1100 steps, devotees reach with full enthusiasm for darshan,

It was a matter of many years ago when about 600 years ago Sant Shri Nagandas ji, along with his disciple Shri Laldas ji, came while traveling through the Himalayas. He started doing penance on the Sapta Parvat Shikharraj Samod mountain. It is said that one day Shri Nagandas ji heard Akashvani, “I will soon appear in the form of Veer Hanuman.” At the same time, Nagandas ji got the vision of the idol of Shri Hanuman ji on the rock of the hill. Since then Shri Nagandas ji started worshiping Shri Hanuman ji, then this place was very secluded and inaccessible. Wild animals used to roam here. The movement of common man was negligible. Sant Shri Nagandas ji used to worship Veer Hanuman ji.
To go to the Veer Hanuman temple, to go from the ground to the top of the hill to the idol of Hanuman, everyone has to go through more than 1200 steps, one has to feel very tired, but after seeing the god, the fatigue is not even known, the pain disappears. It happens that this is the charisma of the temple. There is a very dense forest around this temple and water springs flow at some distance from the temple.

Things To Do in Samod
3.Day Tours
4.Folk Performances
5.Trying The Cuisine
6.Wildlife Attractions

How To Reach
From East:-Lucknow-> Ktawah-> Agra-> Dausa-> Manoharpur-> Samod Balaji , aproxi 600km
From West:-Barmer-> Balotra-> Jodhpur->Beawar->Jaipur-> Chomu-> Samod Balaji , aproxi 560km
From North:-Chandigarh->Ambala-> Kaithal->Kotputli-> Jaipur-> Samod Balaji , aproxi 455km
From South:-Indore->Jhalawar-> Kota-> Tonk-> Jaipur-> Chomu-> Samod Balaji, aproxi 645km

Best Time To Visit
Exploring the region adorned with a royal palace, garden and haveli Samode will be a memorable experience to all the travelers. Located near Jaipur the region Samode experiences a dry climate and due to this visiting in summers is not a very pleasant one.
Travelers interested in exploring all the wonders must step in the region during the best time and the ideal season to visit Samode falls in winter. The particular period in between October and March will be a very great time to explore the unique attractions of Samode enjoying even the outdoor activities like camel riding and other sightseeing.
Though the region doesn’t receive great amounts of rain, but travelers interested in taking part in the adventure or outdoor activities cannot enjoy the expedition with unexpected rains. But paying a visit in the rainy season will be a better way to see the nature beauty.

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