How can a person plan to the TRISTROTA Shakti peetha from north east and west


How to Reach:-
From East:- Guwahati-> Bongaigaon-> Jalpaiguri-> Tristrota shakti peeth , aproxi 450km
From West:- Lucknow-> Gorakhpur-> Araria-> Tristrota shakti peeth , aproxi 900km
From North:- Darjeeling-> Tristrota shakti peeth , aproxi 70km
From South:- Kolkata-> Burdwan-> Raiganj-> Tristrota shakti peeth , aproxi 570km
History to this place dates back in the time when it is said that the thumb of her left leg of Maa Sati fell to this place, when lord Vishnu in order to relieve lord Shiva from grief of losing his wife Sati, used his ‘Sudarshan Chakra’ to incise maa Sati Body. Then, at the place of fall of thumb of her left leg, this temple was constructed.

There is a famous story behind this Shakti Peeth. It is said that once a very cruel demon called as Arunasura used to live in the world. His power grew so much that he started fighting devas in heaven and forced to leave the heaven. He did not even spared the families of the devas. After suffering from so much pain and agony, the wives of devas could bear more trauma, and in search of respite they came to Maa Bhramari. It is said that Maa Sati turned herself into numerous bees and protect the wives of devas, also the bees attached the Demon and killed him. From the day, the name of Maa Sati is named as ‘Maa Bhramari’.

Temple Timings:- 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM

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