How can a person plan to the Maihar Devi Shakti peetha from north east and west

Maihar Devi Temple

How to reach:-
From East:- Patna-> Mirzapur-> Rewa-> Maihar Devi Temple , aproxi 529km
From West:-Jaipur-> Gwalior-> Jhansi-> Panna-> Maihar Devi Temple, aproxi 740km
From North:-Lucknow-> Lalganj-> Atarra-> Maihar Devi Temple, aproxi 335km
From South:- Nagpur-> Jabalpur-> Katni-> Maihar Devi Temple , aproxi 430km
According to mythological belief, wherever the parts of Sati had fallen, a Shaktipeeth was established there. One of the 51 Shaktipeeths, the holy abode of Mother Sharda, is situated on the top of Trikuta mountain in Maihar, Madhya Pradesh, which is believed to be the place where Sati’s necklace fell. Mother is seated here in a grand and beautiful building. Located on the top of the mountain, this temple of Maihar Devi is known for its miracles in the country and the world. It is believed that the mere sight of Sharda, the mother of Maihar, removes all the sorrows of the devotees and fulfills all their wishes.

Maa Sharda Temple MaiharShe provides intelligence, mind, wisdom and logic. She helps to fulfill one’s desire in life by the dint of her power of knowledge..

Temple timings:-05:00 am to 08:00 pm in the morning and 16:00 to 21:00 in the evening.
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