How can a person plan to the Kalighat Kali Shakti peetha from north east and west

Kalighat Kali Temple

How to reach:-
From West:- Jaipur-> Agra-> Lucknow-> Varansi-> Durgapur-> Burdwan-> Kalighat Temple , aproxi 1,590km
From North:– Sikkim-> Raiganj-> Malda-> Rampurhat-> Kalighat Kali , aproxi 730km
From South:– Visakhapatnam-> Brahmapur-> Balasor-> Kharagpur-> Kalighat Kali, aproxi 880km
The Kalighat Kali Temple is being regarded as one of the most important Shakti Peeths out of 51 peeths that are spread across India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The mythology behind the temple is related to Rudra Tandav of Shiva after he was enraged by self-immolation of his consort, Sati, after an altercation with her father on not being invited for a puja ceremony at her father’s place.

It is said that Shiva carried Sati’s burnt body while performing Tandav and that’s when various parts of the Goddess’s body fell on earth. The right toe of Sati fell at Kalighat and that’s where the temple was built later and the presiding deity here is called Kalika, after whom, the city was named as Kolkata.
The Temple at Kalighat is revered as an important Shakti Pith, by the Shaktism sect of Hinduism. The mythology of Daksha yajna and Sati’s self immolation is the story behind the origin of Shakti Peethas. Daksha, the son of Brahma was an ancient entity called Prajapati or the keeper of the beings in Hinduism

Temple Timings:-5:00 am – 2:00 pm
5:00 pm – 10:30 pm
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