How can a person plan to the Attahas Shakti peetha from north east and west

Attahas Shaktipeeth Temple

How to reach:-
From West:-Lucknow-> Durgapur-> Attahas Shaktipeeth Temple , aproxi 940km
From North:- Sikkim-> Raiganj-> Berhampore-> Attahas Shaktipeeth Temple, aproxi 570km
From South:- Cuttack-> Balasore-> Kolkata-> Attahas Shaktipeeth Temple, aproxi 560km
Attahas Shaktipeeth Temple dedicated to Goddess Devi Maa as Phullara or Fullara is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas in India . Attahas Shaktipeeth is is in Labhpur near West Bengal. Devi’s lower lips fell here and the idols are Devi as Fullara and Shiva as Bhairabh Vishwesha .

Attahas Shakti Peetha is the most famous Shakti Peetha where it is said that the “Lower Lip” of Maa Sati fell and the idols are Devi Maa as Phullara or Fullara (Blooming) and Lord Shiva as Vishwesh (Lord of the universe) Bhairav. Image of Devi and the Shiva temple is next to the Devi temple. It is a major pilgrimage and tourist attraction. From Birbhum to Ahmedpur to Labhpur (6.5 miles). Attahas is just East of Labhpur, around 115 miles from Kolkata.

The temple of Bhairav is beside the temple of Maa Fullora or Phullara. A deity made of stone. It is so large that the lower leap of the Goddess is about 15 to 18 feet wide. According to mythology, when Mahadeva (Lord Shiva) danced around with Sati’s dead body cutting it to pieces, the lip fell at Fullara or Phullara.


The Attahas shrine as a Shakti PeethThese are places where the body parts of Sati Devi’s corpse fell when Lord Shiva carried her body after her death. The place where her body parts fell were enshrined by the divine presence of Shakti. The story of origin is the mythology of Daksha yaga and Sati’s self immolation.

Temple Timings:- Open 24 hours
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