How A Person Can Plan To The Nageshwar Jyotirlingas from East,West,North And South

Nageshwar – Daarukavanam In Gujarat

How to Reach:-
From East:-Indore-> Vadora-> Rajkot-> Nageshwar , aproxi… 830km
From South:- Mumbai-> Surat-> Vadora-> Rajkot-> Nageshwar , aproxi… 930km
From North:-Jodhpur-> Palanpur-> Jamnagar-> Nageshwar , aproxi… 850 km
Nageshwar temple
Located on the coast of Saurashtra in Gujarat, between Gomati Dwarka and Bait Dwarka, Nageshwar is one of the popular Jyotirlinga tempes in India. Thousands of devotees visit the temple of Nagnath, round the year, to seek blessings from the holy shrine of Nageshwar Mahadev located in an underground sanctum. The 25-m tall statue of Lord Shiva, large garden and unobstructed views of the azure Arabian sea, fascinate the visitors. This is one of the most powerful Jyotirlingas in India, which symbolizes protection of all types of poisons.

Temple opening hours: 5 AM to 9 PM, on all days of the week. Devotees can go for darshan between 6 AM to 12:30 PM and 5 PM to 9 pm.

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